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Aarabdhm is a sanskrit word means STARTED

It is started with the vision to provide best from nature and best for nature. We Solely believe our traditions made us what we are today and our roots give identity and help us honor our ancestors and their mindful way of living. 

 “Aarabdhm” (Aarohan Natural Ayurveda Pvt Ltd) was started with the mission of providing health to people through food and living choices. We strive not only to provide you with the best products but instead to build a better lifestyle. We continuously practice Natural farming ways with farmers so we could create creditable products that bring you a sense of comfort and take you on a path of reminiscence. It is a rewarding experience to see the quality of produce being grown using the traditional methods of farming. The quality and taste of these products is unmatched.

It’s time to change; we need to take health in our hands and support farmers that grow chemical free foods that keep our environment, our air, water and our soils pollution and chemical free.

Let’s make this change for our health, our children’s health, our animals and our planet.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!


Curated Products


Curated Products


Curated Products

Certified Products

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We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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